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About Us

TECOR is a leading producer of personalized sportswear kits and equipment (shin pads, modern sports shoes, football boots goalkeeper gloves, soccer balls, trophies, team logos, etc.) in Cameroon in particular and the central African region and Africa at large in a wide variety of disciplines. It was founded in 2005 with a company vision of attaining perfection through innovation to guarantee optimal customer service and satisfaction. The use of state of the art printing engineering solutions is fast making TECOR a sports equipment trademark that represents Africa the world over. The dream is becoming a reality thanks to hard work and dedication.


An initiative based on the values of research, innovation and creativity


Regular sporting activity to keep fit or win is vital, we provide you with the right custom sports outfits: soccer jerseys and other equipment and accessories (balls, goalkeeper shirts, pants, shin guards, gloves, sports shoes and snickers etc) with the best printing technology.


Innovative marking techniques, a facility of material (washing and development tank, flasher, platesetters and dryers), TECOR offers you serigraphy solutions adapted to all needs. Print your motto, logo, picture or message on any type of surface or fabric.


Be it for the need of a sporting event or other, a custom award trophy or a company engraved silver award-trophy is a tip of the iceberg o what TECOR is always ready to deliver. A wide selection of engraved customizable Gold, Silver, or Bronze trophies cups, trays, and bowls to crown your memorable sporting endeavours.

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